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BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS wins Bronze Price

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BiopsySoft Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Information and Tracking System is an innovative and complete Information System for Anatomic Pathology Laboratories, covering Surgical and Pathology and Cytopathology Cases. Targets:
(a) Ease of standardization and streamlining of histological process with main principles the Quality Management and Patient Safety.
(b) Support to dedicated and specialized Laboratory Personnel in every workflow step of Histological case process
(c) Support to the Laboratory Management Personnel through customized and Deep Data Analysis modules, focusing in continuous Performance Improvement.
(d) ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 15189:2012 conformance.

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AP tracking: an eagle eye on blocks and slides

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A high-tech blend of hall monitor, bloodhound, and lost and found, tracking systems to manage tissue specimens, blocks, and slides have gradually been taking root as part of an automated workflow in some anatomic pathology laboratories. As manual labeling, logging, and data capture give way to bar coding and even radio frequency identification, it’s a revolution of sorts, but a quiet one.

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BIOIATRIKI Group of Healthcare Companies trusts BiopsySoft

Bioiatriki Group of Healthcare Companies selects Biopsysoft APLIS & HTS system to handle the Cancer Diagnosis thoughout the Histological process. Bioiatriki has been active in the medical services sector since 1981. Today it is the leading private provider of primary health care services in Greece, with 47 autonomous Diagnostic Centers in Greece and Cyprus.

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BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS launched in microDiagnostics Ltd. Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology & Molecular Diagnostics Lab

The Private Laboratory Of Histopathology And Cytology “Microdiagnostiki”, owned by doctors Ioannis and Dimitris Chatzibougias has been offering its services to doctors, clinics and medical professionals of N. Greece since 1979. Microdiagnostics Lab has launched BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS in October 2017.

Mislabeling of cases, specimens, blocks, and slides: a college of american pathologists study of 136 institutions

  • Source: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

Of the 136 institutions providing information on a total of 1811 mislabeling occurrences, the overall mislabeling rates per 1000 were 1.1 cases, 1.0 specimen, 1.7 blocks, and 1.1 slides. Of all mislabeling events, 27.1% were cases, 19.8% specimens, 25.5% blocks, and 27.7% slides.

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BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS launched in Istodierevnitiki Anatomic Pathology Laboratory

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BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS is nearly 4 years in production in Istodierevitiki Anatomic Pathology Laboratory established in 1991 and processed 9305 cases in 2016. Istodierevnitiki AP Laboratory’s major objective is the histological examination in tissue specimens accrued from operative/surgical treatment and biopsies. Istodierevnitiki provides a complete set of Anatomic Pathology examinations (histological, frozen section, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnosis).

ISO 15189 Accreditation: Navigation Between Quality Management and Patient Safety

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Although in some countries more general standards such as ISO 9001 for quality systems or ISO 17025 for testing laboratories are still used, there is increasing recognition of the value of ISO 15189 as the most appropriate and useful standard for the accreditation of medical laboratories.

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Bar Coding and Tracking in Pathology

Bar coding and specimen tracking are intricately linked to pathology workflow and efficiency. In the pathology laboratory, bar coding facilitates many laboratory practices, including specimen tracking, automation, and quality management. Data obtained from bar coding can be used to identify, locate, standardize, and audit specimens to achieve maximal laboratory efficiency and patient safety.

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