BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS is built towards Pathologist’s specific demands, meeting also the requirements derived from ISO 15189:2012

2-D Bar-Code and QR Code Tracking

Despite the care and effort devoted to specimen management in Anatomic Pathology Laboratories, many opportunities for mishaps remain. BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS offers elimination of misidentification errors, through accurate specimen labeling, helping the Pathologist focus on diagnosis, promoting patient safety.

Overall Case PageViews

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS offers a powerful mechanism for comprehensive representation of all items comprising the case (current status, pending tasks, visual representation of slides and blocks per individual case, etc) in real-time in the best illustrative way through pathologist’s perspective.

Electronic Pathology Reports

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS gives the Pathologist the ability to edit, correct, approve or even revise the pathology reports online in real-time, improving reporting procedure. Electronic reports are complemented with a full-text search feature helping Pathologist to mine historical data.

Special Mounted Touch Screens

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS caters for technicians in data registration, checking pending tasks, view valuable information in special mounted Touch Screens in every Workstation.

Powerful, Simplified and Fully Automated "Electronic Ordering"

Pathologists can easily "Order" gross specimen, block re-cuts and ancillary techniques (e.g. Immunohistochemistry) at any stage of the Workflow. BiopsySoft automatically updates workstations (microtomy, staining, etc) Worklists and Pathologists can view online the progress status at any stage.

View and Export
Scientific Research Statistics

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS provides a powerful tool for Lab Management. Customized dashboards, special reports, automated audit trails and many useful pre-built reports to select.

Electronic Priority Pending Tasks

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS encompasses special feature to ease pending task management, electronic ordering lists in special mounted Touch Screens to help technicians and pathologists to control daily tasks on-time.

State of the art Word-like Editor

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS use a Word-like text editor with advanced text editing capabilities, providing comprehensive text formatting options. You can load, save or convert in multiple file formats (docx, pdf, etc). Spelling and Grammar Checker build-in module. Use a predifined or create your own Medical Terms Dictionary.

Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Individual User Login. Separate certain duties or areas of responsibility per role. By defining SoD you reduce opportunities for unauthorized modification or misuse of data and tasks, hiding information of non interest based on logged role/profile, giving also the ability to assign multiple roles to a user.

Real-Time Visual Workflow Tracking

You can easily track and monitor the Cancer Diagnosis process steps for a case in Real-Time, avoiding bottlenecks and overloads. Enhanced Case Overview in every Workflow Step.

Extended Search Capabilities

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS provides enhanced Search Mechanisms (easy lookup by specimen ID, Patient ID/NAME, Date, ICD-O). Full text search in Pathology Reports, Patient History, Procurement, etc.

Full Integration with related Systems

Integrate with HIS (Hospital Information System), Procurement Software (CRM), other Lab Software Products.

Import and View Older Pathology Reports

Import Historical Data, Older Pathology Reports, Patient History Data in digital format.

AP Medical Terms and Predefined Report Templates

All necessary Anatomic Pathology medical terms are already imported. Easy access to predefined Anatomic Pathology Report templates (Surgical and Cythopathology).

Quality Performace Management

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS Measures Quality (a) ΤaΤ of Incidents, (b) Non conformities, (c) Risk Management and (d) Internal Audits.

Security by Design

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS uses security by design, which ensures sensitive data from internal or external unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS is an elegant and efficient way to accomplish our scope concerning valid and on time diagnosis. The workload of our Lab was consistently growning. Not only the volume of cases handled, but also their complexity were continuously increasing. Moreover, The Quality Management tasks needed to acquire the necessary accredidations added overpressured workload. Installing BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS helped optimizing daily operations management and gave strong means in enforcing procedures demanded by ISO-15189:2012.
Eleftherios Eleftheriades, MD, MSc, PhD
Istodierevnitiki Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Managing Director, Owner
All-in-one Case Management Console
The award winning BiopsySoft provides comprehensive all-in-one Histology Case Management consoles, covering all Testing Process

Management Consoles

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS provides several compeling Management consoles. One of the main consoles is the Histological Case Management, with which every Case is directly classified and registered in the offered purging list, ICD-O list, etc. A Pathologist can easily manage all assets of a Case, through a comprehensive, simply operated, all-in-one screen.

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS eases all Histology Examination Process, fully digitizing all possible Histology Case information, giving consequently the ability to extract useful and extended Business Analytics for scientific research purposes.

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