All-in-One solution tailored to Anatomic Pathology Laboratories


Complete set of functionalities for AP Lab automation


Critical medical data through sophisticated Reporting tool

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS

provides advanced features for Information processing and management in Anatomic Pathology Laboratories. It elaborates on all phases of Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology Workflow Process, including specimen electronic Unique Identification and Tracking, targeting continuous improvement and quality standards conformance

Tracking in APs

Complete LIS and Tracking Solution. Sophisticated Software Solution for Anatomic Pathology Laboratories for Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology Cases. Focuses on efficiency, Real-Time Process Monitoring, Cancer Diagnosis Process Standardization

Ease daily operations

Electronic Ordering of gross specimen, block re-cuts and ancillary techniques (e.g. Immunohistochemistry).
Independent Worklist per workstation on dedicated touch screens for each workstation


Complete Data Management. Log critical individual actions on every workflow step, manage lab workload and monitor Workflow process in Real-Time, targeting Quality Standards conformance (ISO-15189:2012)

Ease Workflow Standard Process

Decrease mislabeling errors in microtomy with Histology Tracking System for all items using relational coupling in 2-D Bar-Code and QR Code Tracking
Monitor and audit workflow process life cycle
Detect non-conformities before sign-out
Measure Quality (a) ΤaΤ of Incidents, (b) Non conformities, (c) Risk Management, (d) Internal Audits
Enforce work list automation in grossing, embedding and microtomy
Complete overview (backlog, pending orders, patient history data, non conformities, etc)
Eliminate parallel histological case processing

Increase Quality

Ease of reporting procedure
Automate unique case identifier attribution, upon specimen accessioning, that follows through to all comprising items
Dedicated, customized touch screens for each process workstation
Secure login for each individual user
Log critical individual actions on every work-flow step
Work list preparation elimination through work list automation in grossing, embedding and microtomy
Automated pending tasks per workstation
Complete case Event Overview throughout workflow

Events / Important News

20Nov 2016

Innovasoft awarded Bronze Price in Healthcare Business Awards 2016 in category of "Digital Applications in Health Units Management and Support" for BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS (http://www.healthcareawards.gr/history/)

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2Jan 2015

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS launched in Istodierevnitiki Anatomic Pathology Laboratory (http://www.biopsy.gr).

10Oct 2017

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS launched in microDiagnostics Ltd. Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology & Molecular Diagnostics Lab (http://www.microdiagnostics.gr)

15Feb 2015

BiopsySoft APLIS launched School of Dentistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Oral Medicine (http://www.dent.auth.gr/?q=en/node/12)

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