The Product

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS provides advanced features for Information processing and management in Anatomic Pathology Laboratories, elaborating on all phases of Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology, including specimen electronic Unique Identification and Tracking, targeting on Quality standards adherence

Quality Management and Ease Workflow Standard Process
Histology Tracking System – HTS: High quality printing for all items using relational coupling using 2-D Bar-Code and QR Code Tracking, eliminating a source of human error
Assists ISO 15189:2012 compliance
Ability to integrate the WHO International Classification of Diseases - Oncology (ICD-O) for tumor registry purposes
Ability to register electronic ordering of gross specimen or block re-cuts and ancillary techniques
Automated pending tasks per workstation in specially mounted touch screens
Automated analysis methodology for every item comprising the histology case
Dedicated, customized touch screens for each process workstation
Reverse workflow for 2nd opinion Services
Increase Productivity and Management
Real time human resource performance updates
Log critical individual actions on every workflow step
Data export to spreadsheets for extended analysis and customizable dashboards
Automated analysis methodology for every item comprising the histology case
Automated unique case identifier attribution, upon specimen accessioning, that follows through to all comprising items
and Reduce Cost
Optimizes expendable supplies management (slides, cassetes, etc)
Transcription, printing and electronic submission of the pathology report
Decreases TaT leading to more cases processed each day
Eliminates the time spent finding and sorting lost or misidentified case items
Eliminates handwriting labels and save more time and eliminate another source of potential errors
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